Anticoagulation Management

Your liver makes clotting factors that help form blood clots and prevent bleeding. But sometimes harmful blood clots can grow and break off causing medical emergencies such as a heart attack, stroke, deep vein thrombosis or pulmonary embolism.  Anticoagulants such as Coumadin, Xarelto, Eloquis, and Pradaxa are prescription medications used to prevent harmful blood clots from forming or growing larger. Anticoagulants block the formation of clotting factors, lowering the chance of blood clots developing in your body.  


At GVS we ensure our patients are knowledgeable about the use of their prescribed anticoagulant therapy.  We encourage our patients to share with us all of the prescriptions, herbal supplements and traditional vitamins that they use so that we are able to assess possible drug interactions and develop the best treatment plan.

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